The Best December Travel Destinations

The Best December Travel Destinations

If you intend to travel this December, you definitely want to know some of the best December travel destinations. Generally, December is a month when most people are on holiday. This makes it an ideal month to travel as a family. However, there are many people that travel during this month. This can make deciding on a travel destination challenging. But, there are ideal destinations that you can travel to and enjoy a brilliant holiday experience. One of my favorites spots to visit apart from the tips below is Costa Rica, which I try to go with my buddy that owns at least once a year, especially in December as thats when their summer starts and all the fruits and nature of beaches sprout, its always a beautiful trip.

Here are some of the best places to travel to during your December holiday:

Patagonia, Argentina

Go on a road trip along the Rio Negro coast during summer. The milder weather of this place makes exploring the sea caves, fossil-laden cliffs, and Welsh settlements easier.


This is one of the best places to go skiing in Europe. The snow covered cobbled streets of Salzburg as well as he festive cinnamon smells that emanate from Christmas markets make an Austria trip ideal for shaking off winter blues.

Kerala, India

After the monsoon, a drier winter that is revitalized starts at this destination. Go on a trip via the lush back waters as well as vegetation to enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can also visit Kollam, a peaceful trading town that is among the oldest ports along the Arabian Sea.


Traveling to Thailand during a dry season enables you to enjoy quality moments in the Superlative beaches of this country. Try traveling to the Trang region that is less visited to enjoy the views of the amazing islands and coasts. This will give you a more authentic experience of Thai life.

These are some of the destinations that you should consider traveling to this December holiday. Nevertheless, take time to conduct some research before you travel and make appropriate arrangements to enjoy your time at any of the December travel destinations that you opt to visit.


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Things to Do When Traveling with Your Partner During Quarantine

Things to Do When Traveling with Your Partner During Quarantine

In the face of the coronavirus threat, all governments around the world have restricted movements to reduce the chances of infection. However, the recent reductions in the number of infections have convinced many nations to begin the process of loosening the restrictions. Nevertheless, you can still travel domestically with your partner during the quarantine. The following are some important things to keep in mind. 

Get to Know the Quarantine Rules in Your Destination 

Although all governments have imposed quarantine, the rules slightly vary from one region to another based on the prevalence rate and threat level of the infection among other factors. For instance, there are states whereby the lockdown begins from 7 pm to 6 am. There are also other areas whereby you may find that residents are confined 24/7 until the crisis is resolved. Therefore, you must know about the quarantine rules to avoid any risks that could put your lives in danger. 

Observe the Stipulated Safety Measures 

The quarantine is just one of the various preventive measures for COVID-19. Health experts also emphasize social distancing and proper personal hygiene. When planning your itinerary, make sure there is plenty of time for you to get back to the residence before the lockdown begins. It is also important to consider activities for just the two of you as group activities contradict the social distancing requirement. You can interact with other travelers but, never let your guard down. While on the road, you should also stay up to date with the latest news about the quarantine. 

Traveling with your partner can be challenging, especially during the on-going COVID-19 lockdown. However, that does not mean you must cancel all travel plans and keep worrying about when things will ever get back to normal. The above ideas can help you to ensure safe and memorable adventures with your partner during the quarantine. 

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5 Reasons Why Traveling Can Change Your Life

5 Reasons Why Traveling Can Change Your Life

Nothing feels better than packing your things and setting out on an adventure. It feels exhilarating. That’s because traveling gives you a chance to escape the norm. It’s a chance to step out of the comfort zone and taste something different. If you’re wondering whether traveling is necessary, here are some of the reasons why traveling can change your life. 

  • Travel Can Broaden Your Perspective 

Your life perspective can change once you see how other people view life. Seeing how people from different backgrounds live can make you more thankful and appreciative of your life. What’s more, it can give you a new sense of empathy and wonder for other countries and cultures. Soak in the lifestyle and languages of other people. You also realize what people in other countries value, which can be different from what you value. 

  • Traveling Can Teach Your to Live in the Moment 

Traveling can teach you to live each moment at a time. It teaches you to pause for a while and feast for the eyes. It prompts you to stop for a while and enjoy the moment. You pause for a moment to see some of the spots that you’ve probably been reading about in history books. Essentially, traveling teaches you to unplug and explore to discover yourself. 

  • Traveling Teaches You to Value Experience Over Material Things 

Some people don’t travel because they want to save money and invest in material things. However, this might not help with their overall wellbeing. Traveling teaches people to spend money on what’s more valuable. Instead of purchasing a luxurious car, a person can opt to invest in traveling. They realize that seeing new places and immersing in new cultures can be more fulfilling. Thus, traveling becomes a way of life for some people. 

  • Traveling Teaches You to Roll with Things 

When you start traveling, you experience challenges like canceled and delayed flights. You also lose luggage and endure frustrating moments. These are some of the experiences that teach you to roll with the flow of things. You learn to overcome any challenge that life throws your way no matter how difficult it seems. 

  • Traveling Makes You Open-Minded 

When you travel more often, you become more open to other people’s ways of life. You realize that people in different cities and countries live differently. This teaches you to appreciate other people and cultures. 

In a nutshell, traveling can change how you see the world. It can make you a more appreciative and accommodative person. 

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How to Get the Right Coverage for Travel Medical Insurance

How to Get the Right Coverage for Travel Medical Insurance

The primary goal of travel insurance should be to provide medical emergency protection. Losing $1,000 on a flight is different from losing tens of thousands of dollars on medical expenses. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to determine the coverage provided by travel medical insurance. Here are some of the things to consider when you want to get the right coverage for your travel medical insurance. 

Coverage Limits 

Medical attention, ambulance, paramedical services, and emergency dental expenses should be covered by a travel medical insurance policy. An ideal policy should also cover the expenses for returning home or bringing a family member back home. Therefore, compare the coverage and dollar limits when purchasing travel medical insurance. Remember that two policies can provide emergency dental services. However, one policy can provide coverage worth $500 while the other provides $5,000. 

Existing Medical Conditions 

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, consider the existing medical conditions, as well as, the risks associated with their treatments. You may get a policy that provides full coverage for an existing condition. However, a policy might require you to have stable health for some time. This is known as a stability clause and it limited what was covered by insurance policies in the past. Others are concerned about the existing conditions because they relate to insurance policies that cover trip cancellation than medical insurance. 

So, if you have an existing condition, understand how the policy addresses it. Be honest with your condition and understand what the terms of your policy mean before you sign up for travel medical insurance. 

High-Risk Activities 

Some travel medical insurance policies do not cover activities like mountain climbing and scuba diving. Zip-lining and snorkeling might also not be covered by an insurance policy. Therefore, make sure that you know the activities that are covered by your travel medical insurance before you purchase it. 

Follow these tips to get the right coverage for your travel medical insurance. 

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Notifying Your Bank about Your Plans to Travel

Notifying Your Bank about Your Plans to Travel

So, you have packed suitcases and planned a detailed itinerary. You’ve even checked in to a flight and are ready to enjoy an awesome travel experience. You believe you have done everything necessary in preparation for a great vacation. But, there is something you may have forgotten as part of your preparation. That’s notifying your bank. 

Talk to Your Bank Before You Use a Debit or Credit Card when Traveling 

Your bank is very determined to ensure your protection against identity theft. However, failing to inform your bank that you intend to travel is a mistake. The eagerness of your bank to protect you against identity theft can backfire once you travel. If your bank spots a transaction done from an unfamiliar location, it will consider a fraudulent use. Thus, the bank will shut off your card.

Informing your bank that you will be traveling enables it to add a record of the account. It also shares this information with the fraud detection system. As such, the system won’t consider your spending pattern abnormal and trigger a block on the card. 

How to Inform Your Bank about Your Plans to Travel 

Banks operate in different ways. If you have used online banking in the past, there might be an online travel notice system. This enables you to enter the information on your trip including your destination and duration of the trip. If you intend to travel to multiple countries, the system allows you to specify them too. 

If you’ve not used online banking, talk to your bank about your travel plans. You can call the bank or visit their office. A representative of the bank at your branch can help you. 

It’s also crucial to have copies of information and documents like the 24-hour telephone number of your bank. You should also have a copy of your account numbers. Bring one debit or credit card if possible. Stash a card outside the wallet in a safe place. This will enable you to access your money even if your wallet is stolen or lost. 

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How to Travel when Living with HIV

How to Travel when Living with HIV

Millions of US citizens travel to various parts of the world each year and the numbers are expected to continue growing into the future. Travel provides a unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures, acquire new skills and develop the various aspects of your life. As such, living with HIV should not be a hindrance to all these benefits. However, there are certain precautions that you should observe to maintain a good state of health and enjoy the adventure. The following are key travel tips to keep in mind when living with HIV.

Precautions before Traveling

  • Your health is undoubtedly the most important thing so; take time to see your health care provider before traveling. When talking to the doctor, discuss the details of your trip so he or she can anticipate any likely health issues and recommend appropriate alternatives.
  • It is also important to properly research about your destination to know if there are any risks of opportunistic infections like malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. Doing so in advance will help you to determine how to best protect yourself.
  • Pack all your prescriptions and remember to also carry additional medication.
  • Reviewing your medical insurance to see if it provides cover when traveling is also important. Besides, you may also want to think of getting travel insurance.

Guidelines during Travel

  • When traveling globally, you should always keep in mind that the food and water in some destinations could be unsafe in your condition. In terms of food, only eat hot meals and try to avoid raw fruits and vegetables. Stick to bottled water and if your must drink from elsewhere, be sure it is clean and safe for drinking.
  • You should also observe the routine for taking medications to avoid medical complications. You can even set alarms to alert you when traveling over different time zones.

Living with HIV can bring a lot of unpleasant emotions and stress, which is why it is recommended to take occasional trips. While at it, try to focus on the positives of the adventure; maintain responsible behaviors and you will no doubt get the most amazing trips.


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What to Pack When Traveling and Why

What to Pack When Traveling and Why

Meta Description: The choice of items to pack when traveling is usually challenging. Find out the essential travel items and why you should pack them.

While it is always advisable to create a packing list when traveling, many travelers still find it hard choosing the items to include therein. Generally, there are several items that one can pack for a trip. But, it is important to always pack and travel light. In case you are having trouble creating an ideal packing list for your trip, below are tips on some of the essentials to include and why they are important.

Light Clothes with Layers

With regards to clothes, include just a few pieces that will make you feel comfortable and safer as well as look presentable. Clothes that can be easily paired with different outfits and accessories are the best for saving space. Besides, you should also pack a few layers to be safe from fluctuations in weather.

Toiletry Case or Bag

When travelling, there are basic toiletry that you will need like sunscreen gels and lotions, make up, personal hygiene products and others. All these should be kept separately in a toiletry bag to prevent damage to other items. However, be sure to check the TSA requirements for traveling with toiletry bags.

First Aid Kit

Commonly overlooked by many travelers, a first aid kit is an essential requirement for every trip. Even if you are in the best state of health, things can change spontaneously along the way. Besides, accidents can happen too. A first aid kit offers you a safer space for keeping medications and other basic items for performing first aid like bandages, adhesives and sanitizers in case of accidents.

Travel Documents, Credit Cards and Cash

Travel documents like passport and ID are your only means of identification that will come in handy in case of any problems at the airport or during the trip. Credit cards will allow you to access your money at your convenience. Cash on the other hand, is important for emergencies.

There are many other items that you may also want to include in your packing list when traveling. However, you should always remember to keep the weight on the low.

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Things to Wear When Traveling on a Plane

Things to Wear When Traveling on a Plane

To dress properly for air travel, you should know what to put on to ensure your comfort throughout the flight. Considering the temperature changes and cramped seats that are associated with flights, this is not always easy. Here are some of the items that you should wear to ensure your comfort and a stylish touch.


Air travel is a combination of different micro-climates. It features the arctic air-conditioned cabin and the sunny tarmac that is generally sweat-inducing. Therefore, to avoid the discomfort that is associated with air travel, put on layers. For instance, put on a cotton scarf that is sufficiently large to ensure that you can use it as a wrap in case you feel chilly. Light jackets, vests, sweatshirts, cardigans, wraps, and shawls are also great.

Breathable Fabrics

Wear breathable fabrics to ensure cleanliness and comfort while flying. Materials that let moisture and air to pass through are ideal for wearing while traveling. These include linen, silk and cotton. Materials that do not allow air circulation hold sweat on the skin. These will make you feel dirty. Natural fabrics are amazing but man-made moisture wicking fabrics are the best option.

Compression Leg Wear

Doctors recommend wearing compression or support stockings while flying especially for pregnant women. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, wear compression leg wear too. These are also ideal for long-haul flights because they prevent swelling while promoting blood circulation.

Simple Shoes

Flat, comfortable shoes are ideal for wearing when taking a flight. Ideally, put on shoes that you can slip on and off with ease. This will make passing through the airport security easy.

Clothes with Pockets

Clothes that have several pockets serve as clothing and carry-on bags. They enable you to carry some items in your pockets especially items that you may need during the flight.

If you intend to travel on a plane, follow these tips to wear the right thing. This will make your flight more comfortable and relaxing.


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