Easy Ideas For Decorating Kids Rooms

Storing Your Child’s Things

Any parent who has ever had the opportunity to raise a kid or a few kids in their life, knows that it is an ongoing battle to get them to tidy their rooms. We supply them with the clothes hampers and coat hangers only to have piles of dirty clothes heaved in the generally direction of the receptacle. Then of course clean clothes get piled up in a crumpled lump in the center of the floor. This last scene is usually enough to make a mother cringe or plead or threaten the older offending offspring with a threat of doing their own laundry.

So let’s take a look for a few new inexpensive options to bring the situation under control. Here are a few colorful ideas you can grab from your local dollar store that help to inspire neatness in youngsters.

We liked this three-tiered mesh storage unit for a dollar. The Velcro fastener makes it easy to hang it over the rod in the closet to store sweaters and other items of clothing or hang it on the back of the bedroom door for toy storage.

One dollar gets you this hanging organizer. It was originally meant for shoes, but it can also be hung by a child’s desk to store pencils, markers, glue sticks and other small stationery items.

Perhaps you kid enjoys a specific cartoon character. That don’t mean that you always have to pat for every imaginable accessory with that characters picture on it. In one case, we actually just decided to decorate a plain orange garbage bucket with “silly old bear” wall stickers, which peel and stick to the bucket quite nicely. The wall or window stickers are only a dollar per sheet, as are the plastic garbage and storage baskets at most dollar stores. Another cool thing is that they are easy to replace with the next new cartoon character that your kids fall in love with in their ever-formative growing years. We found little baskets that are a close match for Winnie The Pooh yellows of color and Tigger orange color. The concept is to watch for helpful items like this in the matching color that is closest to your chosen theme. Lot’s of variety at your local dollar store.

Decorating your child’s room no longer has to be expensive. There are plastic child-sized clothes closet hangers that come 8 in a package for just a dollor. Choose from red, blue, green or yellow. Or if you choose, you can get hangers that feature animated cartoon characters like that yellow sponge guy or a even young female explorer type character. They come in packages of 3 for $1 dollar at the dollar store.

Marlene is a writer living in Ontario, Canada. She writes regular dollar store articles on budget decorating along with easy homemade gift ideas. Other writing credits include Toronto Star Newspaper, Modern Woman Magazine and Capper’s Magazine, among others.

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