The Best Voltage for Cordless Drills

A Cordless drill is the must have tool for any home handyman and DIY enthusiast. It is simple to use, completes the job efficiently, without fuss and has so many different functions enabling it to tackle a variety of jobs. But which voltage is best?

You can buy cordless drills in every home hardware store and you can get them in every shape and size, but without doubt, the best voltage drill to own is the 18volt

With so many jobs available for the home handyman to tackle, it is important for their cordless drill to be flexible. The 18v range provides the finesse and power to handle any job with ease. Certain projects require more power than others, but you still want a drill that has the flexibility where you need it. If you are putting together a car port, for example then you want it to be strong and stable to hold up over the long term. If you are hanging a picture then you want a light tool so your arm doesn’t feel like it will fall off.

The main reference for power in todays tools is spoken in terms of Torque, and the 18v batteries generate more than enough to handle even the biggest jobs, like putting up a car port or a child’s swing set, or a putting green and driving net, now that’s not a bad idea! When power isn’t necessary to complete a task, you can change the clutch setting to lower the torque output. For example, not much torque is needed to place screws into a door lock. The 18v cordless drill comes with this type of flexibility.

If you can adjust the torque to lower the power, why not just buy the highest voltage drill you can find?

The secret lies in the weight. The more voltage means a heavier drill, and the good thing about the 18v drills are that they are a great balance between power and lightweight.

When you start to look at the compact 10v and the 12v and 14v models you are obviously going to get even less overall weight, but then you start sacrificing overall power and performance. The 18v option is not only the most available and popular – it is also the perfect balance for any DIY enthusiast.

Prices vary significantly for most cordless drills, especially the 18v range – which also happens to be the most predominant and therefore offers the best selection. You can expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $300 for an 18v cordless drill, but like any product this depends on quality and brand. Makita and Milwaukee are probably the best names in cordless power tools.

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