Jim McIntyre

What are the Best Uses for a Cordless Drill?

The most important power tool for any household would have to be the cordless drill, and today’s modern drill is designed to do so much more than simply drill holes. The cordless drill means you have the flexibility to go anywhere. Continue reading

How do you adjust the Torque control on a cordless drill?

An important feature of any good quality cordless drill is the Torque adjustment collar, but before we can explain what it is, I think it important to first explain what it does and why you need to learn how to effectively use it. Continue reading

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Cordless Drill

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have more power outlets than you can count, then you will understand the benefits of not being tied down by a chord when trying to get that home handyman project done. Continue reading

How to Get The Most From Your Lithium-Ion 18v Battery

1:) Heat is not a battery’s friend. Heat will kill a rechargeable battery quicker than any other factor. I also reduces the battery’s life span. Are you constantly buying batteries? or if it seems you’re not getting good usage times between rechargings, take a look at how you’re charging your batteries. Too long and you are probably overheating the unit Continue reading

Who Makes the Best Cordless Drill?

Whether you are a home handyman looking to do some small renovations around the home or you are an experienced professional builder looking to replace the current Cordless Drill in your collection will mean that the right drill for you will be completely different, so it is important to ask the right questions first. Continue reading