Countries that have strange rules and regulations that you might find interesting and funny

We are traveling all over the world. And, we think that all the rules and regulations are the same in every country. However, this isn’t the truth. There are many countries that have strange rules. Rules that you might even not believe is true.

The one thing that you should know is that you can get into serious trouble if you are going to break one of these rules. Even if you don’t know that these rules exist. This is why you should make sure that you know these rules and regulations that are strange and not really common sense.


One thing that you need to know about Germany, is that there are many different rules and regulations. This is a country that is known for their strange rules.

One of the most common rules is that you aren’t allowed to play piano after midnight. And, you aren’t allowed to play any musical instrument between noon and 14:00. You can get in serious trouble if you are playing an instrument during these hours and you are renting a property. Not only will you be homeless, you will have to pay a fine as well.


Something that is for certain is that when you have children in school in France, you don’t need to worry about what they are eating in the cafeteria. And, this isn’t just because of health reasons.

Ketchup isn’t allowed to be served in the cafeteria of schools. They are only allowed to eat ketchup on French fries that are allowed to be served once a week. This is something strange, and children from other countries might have a serious problem when they can’t get their ketchup in the cafeteria.


Switzerland is one of the countries with the most animal rules and regulation. They really care about all kinds of animals. One thing that you will notice is that when you are walking into a pet shop, you will not see a goldfish swimming alone.

This is because the rule states that you can’t just buy or have one goldfish. You should at least have two of them, to be able to have the legally. And, don’t think that the pet shop will disobey this rule. They are serious about animals and animal cruelty.

Sometimes we might sit and think who is thinking about all these strange rules and regulations. For us, this might be strange or even a stupid rule. However, there is a good reason why there are some of these rules. But, remember that when you are going to one of these countries, that you don’t break any of these rules and regulations.