How to Travel when Living with HIV

Millions of US citizens travel to various parts of the world each year and the numbers are expected to continue growing into the future. Travel provides a unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures, acquire new skills and develop the various aspects of your life. As such, living with HIV should not be a hindrance to all these benefits. However, there are certain precautions that you should observe to maintain a good state of health and enjoy the adventure. The following are key travel tips to keep in mind when living with HIV.

Precautions before Traveling

  • Your health is undoubtedly the most important thing so; take time to see your health care provider before traveling. When talking to the doctor, discuss the details of your trip so he or she can anticipate any likely health issues and recommend appropriate alternatives.
  • It is also important to properly research about your destination to know if there are any risks of opportunistic infections like malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. Doing so in advance will help you to determine how to best protect yourself.
  • Pack all your prescriptions and remember to also carry additional medication.
  • Reviewing your medical insurance to see if it provides cover when traveling is also important. Besides, you may also want to think of getting travel insurance.

Guidelines during Travel

  • When traveling globally, you should always keep in mind that the food and water in some destinations could be unsafe in your condition. In terms of food, only eat hot meals and try to avoid raw fruits and vegetables. Stick to bottled water and if your must drink from elsewhere, be sure it is clean and safe for drinking.
  • You should also observe the routine for taking medications to avoid medical complications. You can even set alarms to alert you when traveling over different time zones.

Living with HIV can bring a lot of unpleasant emotions and stress, which is why it is recommended to take occasional trips. While at it, try to focus on the positives of the adventure; maintain responsible behaviors and you will no doubt get the most amazing trips.