The Best December Travel Destinations

The Best December Travel Destinations

If you intend to travel this December, you definitely want to know some of the best December travel destinations. Generally, December is a month when most people are on holiday. This makes it an ideal month to travel as a family. However, there are many people that travel during this month. This can make deciding on a travel destination challenging. But, there are ideal destinations that you can travel to and enjoy a brilliant holiday experience. One of my favorites spots to visit apart from the tips below is Costa Rica, which I try to go with my buddy that owns at least once a year, especially in December as thats when their summer starts and all the fruits and nature of beaches sprout, its always a beautiful trip.

Here are some of the best places to travel to during your December holiday:

Patagonia, Argentina

Go on a road trip along the Rio Negro coast during summer. The milder weather of this place makes exploring the sea caves, fossil-laden cliffs, and Welsh settlements easier.


This is one of the best places to go skiing in Europe. The snow covered cobbled streets of Salzburg as well as he festive cinnamon smells that emanate from Christmas markets make an Austria trip ideal for shaking off winter blues.

Kerala, India

After the monsoon, a drier winter that is revitalized starts at this destination. Go on a trip via the lush back waters as well as vegetation to enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can also visit Kollam, a peaceful trading town that is among the oldest ports along the Arabian Sea.


Traveling to Thailand during a dry season enables you to enjoy quality moments in the Superlative beaches of this country. Try traveling to the Trang region that is less visited to enjoy the views of the amazing islands and coasts. This will give you a more authentic experience of Thai life.

These are some of the destinations that you should consider traveling to this December holiday. Nevertheless, take time to conduct some research before you travel and make appropriate arrangements to enjoy your time at any of the December travel destinations that you opt to visit.